Small Bowel Obstruction (SBO)

A small bowel obstruction often happens due to a previous abdominal surgery or hernia.

The good news is small bowel obstructions rarely involve surgery, and with the right type of care at the right time, can be easily managed by expert physicians, such as those found at the CTColorectal. Our team of physicians are thoroughly trained in the treatment and relief of small bowel obstructions.

The first signs of an SBO may include nausea, vomiting and crampy abdominal pain. Later stages may include constipation or a complete lack of flatulence (passing gas) or bowel movements.

SBO is diagnosed by abdominal CT scan and blood work.

Our physicians will do a thorough work-up and recommend an appropriate individualized treatment. To find out more about small bowel obstruction, or to make an appointment for a consultation, please call CTColorectal at 203-281-7000 to speak with our professional staff.